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 Do you often wonder what your true vocation is? Are you struggling to serve God, do your job or run your business? Do you think serving God full time is only for a select, anointed, and dedicated few? These and many other questions have been answered in this book. Contrary to what many believe today, the clergy-laity divide is a human invention with no biblical backing. The consequences of operating under this divide are far-reaching, and now is the time to do something about it. There is one priesthood, and it is the priesthood of every believer. The notion of a priesthood within a priesthood is not what God intended. This explains why the body of Christ is not as healthy and vibrant as it is supposed to be. We have not been called into a religion or to just the observation of ordinances, but to have a relationship with God and to function as His priests.

The Priesthood of Every Believer: A Call to Step into Your True Vocation

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