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There is a need to reexamine the doctrine of tithing as it is being taught today (giving ten percent of your income to the church) because it has become a stumbling block to the very mission for which Jesus Christ sacrificed His life. This is not to blame those teaching about tithing, but I want to emphasize that in our zeal to avoid the curse of God, we have introduced unintended negative consequences. But it is vital to bear in mind that just because something is taught by popular preachers and practiced by many, it does not necessarily mean it is correct.

The book is not written to settle scores or to make anybody feel bad. I wrote it to point out some of the excesses that are going on and the misinterpretation of scripture by well-meaning teachers who want to help their flock to obey God and prosper. This is not an attempt to discourage people from giving but to encourage people to step up to the plate and be all God created them to be.

It is important to state upfront that this book is not against supporting the work of God or those who are in one ministry or another. We are all called to do ministry, as we will discuss later on.

The book will emphasize the critical role the death and resurrection of Jesus plays in our walk with God; a misunderstanding of what Christ accomplished on the cross contributes to the present confusion on whether or not to tithe.

To Tithe, Or Not To Tithe

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